N2 POD is a combined e-commerce, print-on-demand, fulfilment and delivery service that makes it hassle-free to sell printed products online, whilst delivering globally.

A bit about who we are

N2 POD allows publishers and multi-office companies to print corporate materials anywhere in the world on-demand. It's an innovative way to sell printed publications such as books, journals and reports, direct to end customers around the world. N2 POD is a mix of e-commerce and order handling, designed to be as easy as possible for our clients. We do the hard stuff, so you can focus on what you do best - creating and promoting great content.

How it works

N2 POD's powerful cloud solutions enable the essential growth of print on demand. With a work flow set to automatically send your file to print and providing a seamless flow from order through production to dispatch.


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From receipt of digital files (scanning service also available) we aim to supply you a full production proof within 3-4 working days. From proof approval the production to dispatch process will normally take 5-7 working days depending on the quantity and format (turn times may vary due to seasonality). Within our price structure we offer perfect bound and case bound books from A6 up to A4 in size.


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Sell more books

Gain a new sales channel, direct to customers, which can grow over time using tools on our e-commerce platform.

ship globally locally

Ship globally, locally

Our global distribution centres allows us to ship from the nearest location — your customers get lower shipping costs and quicker delivery times.

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Reduce your risk

Sell before you print! There is no contract involved for this service, no file storage costs, and no minimal annual expenditure.

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More profit per sale

If you already have direct contact with your customers, why give retailers a cut? Direct your customers to your own site.

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Grow your business

We offer e-commerce integration with your website, print fulfilment and retail services globally.

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Very low running costs

Reduce your overheads — printing on demand will reduce your warehousing and return costs! Reduce the storage implications of printing in bulk — reduce warehousing costs and returns.

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Print from the Cloud

N2 POD sends orders directly to production and then straight to your delivery address. Our web-to-print solution offers:

  • Central cloud - based library accessible to co-workers.
  • Editable templates for stationery and marketing materials.
  • Service available on mobile devices.

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Eliminate the hassle

We take care of processing and fulfilling orders, and dealing with customer queries.

Designed to work alongside your existing sales channels, N2 POD can bring you extra sales, extra profit per sale, strengthen your customer base and it requires almost no additional work from you.

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Save time and money

Our N2 POD system reduces the administration time spent on ordering — time is money after all!

Reduce costs in storing stock, re-ordering and customer service. Free up your team's time so you can focus on what's important — content and sales.

Who is it for

Boutique Publisher

Boutique Publisher

How many titles do you have?
If it's between 1 and 25 you're probably classed as a small 'boutique' publisher within the industry, but that doesn't mean you don’t have big needs!

Business Publisher

Business Publisher

How many titles do you have?
If it's between 25 - 250 you're probably classed as a medium 'business' publisher within the industry. We can help you grow your business!

Trade Publisher

Trade Publisher

How many titles do you have?
If it's 250 plus you're probably classed as a Trade publisher within the industry. We can cater for your business needs.

short run book printing

Short-run book printing

Short-run printing allows you to order smaller stocks for first runs or auto stock replenishment back to your warehouse/ distributor. There is no contract involved for this service, no file storage costs, and no minimal annual expenditure.

scientific technical medical and academic publishing

Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishing

N2 POD makes it easier for you to manage your printed journal, technical and book inventory using the latest cloud-base system.

catalogues and directories

Catalogues and Directories

Today, almost all technical documentation, user manuals and product catalogues exist in a digital version accessible via the Web. Nevertheless, there are still many cases where a printed document remains essential. It is practical, robust and easy to share.

religious book publishing

Religious Book Publishing

At N2 POD we have the pleasure of working with some of the world's most renowned religious book publishers. We print and distribute single copies or several thousands of religious books and journals worldwide, in black and white or colour.

Educational and Professional Journals

Educational and Professional Journals

N2 POD makes it easier for you to manage your printed academic journals, technical manuals and book inventories using the latest cloud-based system.


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What our clients say


"I so far have sold 246 books in 7 days... total sales revenue £9,574.32 so it's paid my initial investment and then some..."


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